How Much More Do We Value The Body Over The Mind?

My perception of the human race when it comes to health is this, “as long as we are not hurting, we don’t have any medical diagnosis, or the doctor said we are healthy after the routine check up, then we walk with our heads held high believing are really healthy.” But what about our emotional & psychological health? How do we maintain emotional hygiene? I personally have walked with a smile on my face, making eye contact with every one that walks my way, and if they happen to ask, “how are you doing?”, I more than often say, “pretty good, or fine”, this is the expected answer, almost by default, but I’m no always doing good or fine. Who really determines that we are not whole and need healing? I think to some extent, this is purely and subjectively determined by the person in question. Unless we speak out, no one would really know our worries, pains, and so forth.

Its the friend that comes and hugs me and immediately breaks down, the patient that is so worried about the unknown that just wants you to hold their hand, the worrying of “are we good enough” and so on. More so, its my recent experiences that have led me to this point of wanting to consciously acquire a wholesome health, rediscover myself, and focus on what’s most important; only pursue only what’s worthy. My upbringing and my adult life wasn’t and has never been easy. Looking back, I wasn’t taught the signs to watch out for to ensure that I’m on top of my health; emotional and psychological, but I know all the signs and symptoms of disease, I had to learn these in nursing school.

Sometimes we speak of concerns that bother us & hurt our emotional or/and psychological beings and the response most people give are, “shake it off, its all in your head”, or “its okay, it’ll pass” etc. , yet with a broken arm that hurts, no one says, “shake it off, it all in your arm :)” get it? Why is the body so important and the mind is last of our concerns? As a nurse, when a patient that says they cant breath, or their chest hurts, I get on top of this to make sure the airway is preserved of they are not getting a heart attack. But what about the one that tells me, “I’ve been stressed lately, you know, life is ….etc” I ensure they’re not suicidal, but ..what after that?  I’m simply saying we are a society so unwilling to simply take care for each other’s well being until itrs close to too late. Sometimes we don’t even recognize that people so close to us are hanging by the thread, so damaged with no one to turn to. Sometimes we are these people. Loneliness can be a result of poor psychological and emotional health. Anyone can be lonely and yet be surrounded by numerous beings, it is simply the state of feeling disconnected emotionally and socially from those around you.

So here is what I have gathered so far, the first step is AWARENESS. Being aware of yourself and the state of your being, and taking control over your health, (wholesomely) is your responsibility. What most of us do not realize is: this includes your mental and emotional health. Look closely at your life, look at trends that lead you to the same messy situation, what can you change about them? It may be poor friendships, your self esteem, your confidence, failures, etc., and  If you are the kind of a person that holds yourself to a certain standard and ends up failing yourself anyway, do not ignore that. Be kind to yourself, BUT DO observe yourself without judging you. Do not avoid or ignore anything that can be on the way of your better whole self.

After all, it was once said, there is nothing small about life! So why live without a purpose! While free will may not rule our lives entirely, there’s a good percentage of our lives that is solely upon us to determine how we want it to be. Refuse to be ordinary, and be a good friend and a better human that cares with actions. Most importantly, Remember YOUR HEALTH IS YOUR WEALTH, it is worth whatever it takes to maintain!




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