Success or Active Denial?

Look around you, then look at you,

Did you notice it too? That Success can be active denial?

We want something so bad, and we may have deadlines of when to achieve,

Sometimes we let desire rule the mind,

Often times, we get a copyright of the original dream that would define success, and suddenly, we do the most tempting thing; Settle!

We then forget about what we originally wanted and instead, we start adjusting the dream, thinking, “Why did I want so much anyway!”

We think, “if I lower this standard, this dream, this version at hand has potential, I should keep it!”

So there we go, settling for jobs we hate because there is an income, relationships that dim our dreams, friendships that don’t build us, and we stop growing!

Mediocrity follows, we stop thinking we could be extraordinary,

But why? I think it’s the society’s expectations we live up to. And we forget what we ever wanted for ourselves.

We end up living up to other’s success while giving up our own.

6 thoughts on “Success or Active Denial?

  1. I love this, you´re totally right! Loving, changing to the best, growing and following dreams is the most important thing in life. But can you grow and change from one day to another? It´s a process, or? If you reached already something, it is part of the way. So you decide always to “letting go” something, for something which is nearer to your dreams. Paying bills is for example important, so you can not quit a job, which is not the perfect one at the moment.

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    • It’s a process, just like you said. I think it’s more of, “I dreamed to becoming something… but halfway there I found something good, not best or tbe actual initial goal, & I settle..then I stop altogether and just give up on my big aspirations.” Success is a process. Thanks for adding that part.

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  2. Success is a funny word, and I’m not sure where it fits in my world. I suppose we all suffer our share of hardships, and how difficult life can be. Our journeys can be a rough voyage, and not to be thrown overboard on the way, is being successful

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  3. Take for instance, when a young girl gets pregnant and gives birth to a child.. in Africa, most dreams dies afterwards. Because she stops living for herself and living for her child, especially if she is a single mom. It’s difficult for her to raise a child alone, let alone to dream of whatever she had dreamed of becoming before giving birth, her dreams has stopped and she now dreams for her child… but generally, we often settle because of what is available to us.. do you think no African can drive in the formula one? It’s the opportunities, you are only as good as the economy of where you live.. sometimes we settle for different reasons, but to keep fighting against all odds and still winning for me is success!

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    • Exactly, and success is defined individually. For that girl, circumstance sent her there, but if she keeps the fight on, she surely will not be stagnant in life, she’ll not settle. Besides, then what after that child is free and gets their own life? The girl-mother has to remember she’s to continue fighting and not let the dream die!


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