The Girl Who Owns Her Story

I still remember that little girl who grew in that two story house. She had a vision for herself, she wanted so much for herself and her family. She grew up in a very small town somewhere in central Kenya. You know, she would look at planes up high in skies and imagine how her life would be if she would only get in one. She wondered if she would ever look like the beauty models in the magazines she stocked up in her bedroom, you know, the ones she religiously read at night. She would then dream about everything she had imagined for herself earlier in the day, with the magazines.

No she did not want to be a doctor, a lawyer, or some kind of a minister in the government. She wanted to be the confident beautiful women in the magazines. I’m talking about the women who had qualities she didn’t have, Or maybe she didn’t see in herself yet admired, i.e the beauty, confidence, success, well travelled, intelligent, and so on. She wondered what they had done so they could be who and where they were. How did some get so lucky while she was unfortunate?

And while very young, she decided she wanted to be a flight attendant so she could see the world. Through high school she knew this was her dream. At the age of sixteen, she graduated high school and somehow, deep within, she felt she lacked so much.  See, her parents had raised her and her siblings differently, none of them was given the freedom to choose their fate. Everything was chosen for them; but keep in mind, in some families, that’s the African upbringing, a parent decides regardless of your interests. and as a child, questioning was disobedient. She had worked so hard and at seventeen, she had found herself a contract with one of the best international airlines and the only limitation there was a parents approval, you know, since she was underage. Well, as you can imagine, her dad couldn’t even listen, he was decided that that was not the best path for his child.

Again, as usual she sunk so deep in her world wondering why she was born to the wrong family. At this point, I want you to know that a lot have been left out in this story.  But that might come later in a different story. Anyways, that girl ended up in Oklahoma state, a thousand miles away from the only home she knew. That’s when it hit her, “She had to start all over again. She needed other dreams and goals”. Her greatest fear in life was and still is to never live up to her potential, and not discover her true purpose in life. She arrived here at nineteen years of age, and it was a whole different world. she hated the taste of the food, the seasons that seemed extreme, the isolation, the feeling of not belonging,  the environment was overwhelming. But there is something that excited her, see, she’s a very adventurous one, and she always wanted to be free of anyone trying to shape her life for her. Something was exciting; the urge to know and discover the new life here. See, it does not happen overnight, it takes time to get used to new things, its a learning process. There’s a thrill in the discovery process, and that kept her going.

She thought, “There’s no limits now, I’m far away, I’m almost twenty and definitely not too old to be anything! omg, what if I can still become one of those magazine women I had seen then?!” So, she started modelling. And no, she did not model for the sake of doing it, no.. there was a hidden agenda; she wanted to build the confidence that she knew she lacked. She wanted to plant the seed within her that would grow in to something everlasting and authentic. She wanted people to look at her and see a woman that is well build in character, personality and physically too.

Again, first forward, that girl has found a home away from home, and its been seven years. She put herself through college, yes, it was hard paying that fee a semester after another. Working for minimum wages. If you never knew what it is like to go to bed at night, at twenty years of age, worried of not going back to college because you cant clear your fee, because you couldn’t  qualify for student loans and grants, watching and listening to the clock tick and waiting for a miracle, then don’t pity her. A miracle never came her way, nothing has ever been handed to her on a silver platter, but you must not pity her, the struggles build her.

That girl has a lot to achieve in life, and she is also a college graduate. Could you believe she finds it so fulfilling to care for the sick? Ya, she is now a nurse. Instead of serving while travelling, she serves others but still tries to see the world around her. She enjoys nursing. She also once read, “Your legacy is every life you’ve touched” and she has decided that wants to touch lives and be compassionate to those who need it.

Look, appreciate life, you never know where it’ll take you! Her story has taught me so much!


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