Oops, A Girl Slips,


In a society that expects a perfect girl,

Trust me,  sometimes she can slip, lose balance,

And even more can happen; she can fall!

She can break, and the shattered pieces can just split all over!

Fortunately, the breaking isn’t permanent,


See, when a piece of art falls & breaks, it does not stop being art,

The pieces remain to be art. Now, remember she is a work of art,

Art isn’t supposed to look pretty, nice, & the last thing its meant for is the eyes,

Its meant to invoke your imagination, make you feel something, bring life within,

To feed the soul.

Art does not seek perfection, and neither does she seek it

And no, the work of art she is, she does not remain fallen, she gets up.

Her beauty clearly lies in her perfect  imperfection,


See, you may think the shattered pieces meant she was fragile,

But no, she was meant to fall at that moment, I mean,

How could she have unleashed her inner strength without hitting the ground?

How could she have known she could be so powerful!?

She healed, the pieces are back together,

and look,

She did not build any walls or fences to stay safe,

After all, doing so would mean she defies vulnerability,

While its the only  way  to live while letting life run through her!

So she lives without trying to control or predict what’s impossible to!

And her scars are her identity, experiences and no one can take that away!







4 thoughts on “Oops, A Girl Slips,

  1. Okay… my late father once told me that the best way and only way to have a woman is the let her have her ways… and again I once read a book that says women are created from a crooked ribs and whomever tires to strengthens them weakens them and so doing they might break and harm you, and now Caroline Shii just told me that even a broken woman is an art… because a woman is a piece of art… not just by an artist, but by the greatest and creator of art himself.. God almighty.
    Nice write-up dear… this is indeed a nice piece…

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