There’s something about being away from all the noise & just coming to the woods for a week. Maybe it’s the change of environment.  There’s a spiritual awakening and connection I find in God’s creation. Not that I don’t or can’t find it back in the city, but it’s easy to get distracted back there. I find myself running and allocating every minute of my time to something just so that I’ll not waste any of it. Here, I’ve given myself these few days to just bring back the wholesome connection within.

Catching the birds sing during early morning walks, feeling the breeze that’s so peaceful rub against my skin, seeing the numerous trees stand still or swaying side to side from the light wind, watching the horses graze gracefully, watching the bright stars shine high in the sky at night,  ….the lake  being so still that I don’t have to paddle the kayak to stay in it. All this sounds so petty, but just letting myself feel & realize they’re small blessings makes me feel so grateful. Being here is fulfilling; in the country, deep in the woods. And I hope you find something that’s gonna make you feel alive, graceful & grateful. Focus your energy on positive things in your life; be thankful for the good & bad. Take time to realize you’re here for a reason & purpose.

 Yours truly,  Caroline.

“Your legacy is every life you’ve touched”

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