Really living is no assignment for the coward,

The most recent mountain she climbed wasn’t for her, but she dared herself anyways. She wanted to see what kind of a mountain it would be and what she had to gain from the experience. From the first step, she was so cautious yet so careless, almost reckless. It wasn’t planned, it’s wasn’t thought of, the decision was a mere act of spontaneity. See, she climbs mountains, it’s all she does through life. There’s always one after another. But with each, she always has a purpose & she’s always known they’re worth climbing, but not this particular one. The more she climbed, the more she tried to find a reason/s of  why she was doing so.  She wanted to have a purpose and meaning out of the climb.

Well, as you guessed, you can’t go hiking unprepared, let alone mountain climbing. She is always careful in what she does, especially if it involves utilizing her energy & time. Well, this mountain climbing was a mixture of a thrilling experience, filled with deadly fear, anxiety, worry, desire to see, feel & experience pleasure of getting to the peak and yes, it was filled suspense. But what for?

Nonetheless, she didn’t stop even when she knew she needed to. She kept daring herself, and every time she looked up, she didn’t see anything but rocks ahead and high above her. She knew this energy she was investing in this deserved to be poured on something more purposeful than this specific mountain, but she’s a darer, she convinced herself by whispering to her soul every worrying minute “one more meter, a little higher”. And so she kept going.

But there was unexpected stumbling blocks on her way, they were unseen…but deep down, it’s because she had chosen to go blind selectively;  she had choosen to not get warned by what was right before her eyes. Eventually, she stumbled, and almost fell. But no,  she didn’t hit the ground,  see, she caught herself in the act of falling. She has always known how to catch herself & to keep herself in check before she falls. Trust me, she falls several times before getting to the peak of her other mountains, and whether she breaks or not, the pieces always come back together and she gets back up. On this particular mountain, she had defied the voice that cautioned her within; that this mountain wasn’t worthy of the time, energy, or effort, its like she was high on life, and so She convinced herself otherwise.

 She has a fear of mediocrity and she’d rather not take the expected traditional path that’s set for her with others footprints to follow.

Here is the significance of climbing this particular mountain she took on; the one she didn’t need to. She learned not everything should or can actually have a planned path, with expectations in the end. Sometimes it’s the discoveries during the climb that are exciting. Life has to be let  be for it to be. She also learned something even more important, that living is not an assignments for the coward. While she takes on mountains and overestimate herself, most are cowards at taking any on mountains. They’re afraid of the unknown, and hide behind self-made curtains, afraid and letting thoughts like,  “what if I get hurt” or ” what if I get hurt again?” take over. They are the takers of life. They’re not givers to others neither to selves. They selfishly deny themselves life and are terrified of giving themselves challenges. See, instead of getting in the ocean and let themselves swim in the waves, they sit so safe in the harbor, so delicate, fragile,  & deliberately taking on only the mountains they know the end or the view at the peak.

Well, for her, she falls & let’s herself feel the pain. It then subsidies. She knows it just gives her more strength and immunity to handle even the most terrifying mountains.

She’s had her moments of failure, the worst of all being self failure. But without falling, she’d not have known she had the strength to get up. She couldn’t have learned the art of catching herself before she hits the ground and breaking. So, here, ….climb your mountains and do so courageously. You’ may or may not break,  but you’ll not remain broken. No one stays broken if they choose to not remain so.  Mix the pain & pleasure and soar in to your world. Dare yourself to live!

Caroline Shii.

12 thoughts on “Really living is no assignment for the coward,

  1. This woman had a climb of life… some people are born to climb, they thrive at it, and it’s easy for them to hit the top of the mountain because climbing for them is an innate ability. But some others are scared of height, some even bearing the burden of being overweight, like the Legendary Fela Said” Double wahala for dead body” meaning… double trouble for a dead body”… Imagine being overweight and daring to climb a mountain… too much of an ask… so for those that have all the burdens, fear of height and being overweight… and still they climb mountains… those are the real Heroes.
    The go, one arm and leg at a time, gradually, heart pounding, sweat dripping and time ticking…
    Such is the weight of the journey, weather they fall or not, weather they get to the top at record time or no, they have made a climb, they have tried to face their challenges… to live is to dare to live… and like the woman in the story… she is fierce and fearless, mastered the act of falling, but in the end, it’s all about the climb… the first thought of making that bold step towards climbing, out of your comfort zone and into the unpredictable and countless hazards that awaits every mountain climber… this woman is indeed a Hero.

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  2. Well I’ve eaten my dinner, home-made spaghetti bolagnese, and finished reading your story, and I think I’ve just burnt off my meals calories, the climb was definitely a strenuous and stressful one. Our heroin was truly, brave and daring, and I really understood her adventurism. I’m still climbing my mountain, and now for the quote that I love so much, “These mountains you are carrying, you were only supposed to climb”, by: Najwa Zebian. So much loved your story, and felt a real affinity to the essence of the tale.

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    • That sounds good, if only I knew how to make spaghetti Bolagnese. Thank you, im really glad you loved it,..maybe because I know this heroin too well. And for that quote, ill keep it close to me, it speaks life to me in a unique way, thanks for sharing!!

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