Choose a tittle you desire after reading,

I used to believe that people determine their own lives, we were in control, commanding our futures, choosing our spouses, picking professions, responsible for the decisions that shape the course of our lives, and yet, there’s one force more powerful than free will; Our Unconscious.

Underneath the suits, behind closed doors, we are all ruled by the same desires, and those desires can be raw and dark and deeply shameful. The more you watch someone, the more you realize we are never really who we say we are. In fact, hidden underneath there’s always a secret; we might actually be someone else.

Not all desires are shameful, in fact, some make us more attractive. Have you ever asked yourself what you’re ashamed of but you deisre day and night?


First blog post

whatever is unclear in life shouldn’t be put on the side, it should be explored.  besides, what if  its what’s meant to be stimulate your mind? to sharpen your sight.  The blur between images creates a kind of motion in he mind.