For Yourself, 

Once you find the will and courage to explore & find out things you enjoy doing alone & by yourself, 

You discover how lovely it is finding & always creating time for yourself. This will become an important part & practice of your life. It’s strengthening & somehow brings more clarity to your life. You enjoy yourself. 

You’ll find yourself yearning to go see the latest exhibit at your local museum, you’ll plan you go read in solitude, you’ll go cycling around the nearest lake, you’ll dare yourself to master something new, like chess….. the list is endless.

You’ll eliminate one phrase in your life that I hear over & over, which I don’t quite understand. The terrible phrase is, “I’m bored!” 

If you don’t do this & always need people around you. You’ll  missing out on yourself & giving others all of you & your time.
Yours truly,

Lover of occasional solitude,

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