I learned patience. 

I learned patience after consecutive failures, 

I learned what it meant to ask & waiting for it to come at the right time,

I used to strive hoping to get it, all while it was unclear to me exactly what I wanted way from the beginning, 

I wasn’t happy, I was always looking, searching for what I couldn’t find, 

After finding, I’d try to mold it to my liking, I wanted it to suit me, to be what I thought I wanted….

It seemed easy, I was a magnet like this. 

I’d then let go as in the long run, I’d realize that wasn’t what I wanted, 

Until when I stopped!

I worked on making it clear to the inner self exactly what I wanted. I compared it to going to the store unclear if I wanted to buy milk or water,

Suddenly I realized my successes have always began with one question that preceded other numerous questions, 

“What do I want?”..

It’s how I start, i set goals & luckily for me,  I don’t stop halfway & if I believe it’s worth it, I put up a shameless fight until I get what I wanted out of it. 

As a result, sometimes I look back at worthless battles I fought that were only worthy as I learned from them, 

I’ve learned to pray & patiently wait. I’ve learned clarity in life is crucial. 

Try it,

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