­čî╣Delicate beauty­čî╣

Look! So delicately and voluptuously beautiful, 

Two days ago, they were just two stems full of leaves, 

Oh, & I counted the unbloomed flower buds that were nothing but green & dull; eleven!

I quickly got them in a vase, with just the right amount of cool water, didn’t give a thought about them,

But my mind said to my heart, “they’re not your favorite! They’re dull too! How can anyone hand you anything like this!”

Well, I love flowers & I think they’re meant to remind us that there’s beauty around us & within us! But we have to be willing to look at the beauty! Sometimes waiting to see it too; but the all time winner is the one who feels it!

Two nights passed and after the third one, something magical happened!

I walked down the stairs from the bedroom, opened the blinds and curtain to my window and an array of beautiful sunlight landed on me, 

Sat on the couch as I planned my day amidst my thoughts, 

I then looked in front of me and there she was!

So colorful, beautiful, delicate, and just open… she looked vulnerable, ooh, so vulnerable I could feel it within me, 

She was colorful, some parts were faded while others were rich in color, it gave her life, 

She didn’t move, of course she couldn’t! She was nothing but comfortable, and just fragile enough; unbreakable before her time,

And so I took time to just look at her without touching, I smell my flowers, but this one, not quite yet,..i reminded me of the shameful thoughts I had when I first got her,…

The faded and the rich in color parts of her completed her, 

So imperfectly perfect,

So beautiful, undeniably shameless to just be, 

……. don’t forget about the flower, it is to be unforgettable­čĆÁ 

But now think about life. How often have you not waited to see the beauty? 

Or maybe you think it’s often too delicate when you see it? 

What if its you who’s not gentle enough to handle it with just your eyes, what if once you handle it you end up destroying it before it’s end time’s arrived?

And who said beauty has to be seen? You see it and with the unsure soul you have to tremble over it because you taught your soul long ago to never just feel it, you have to destroy!

How often have you looked and thought, “If this were like what I expected, id see it’s beauty; but I just don’t now!”

Look, my two green stems full of green leaves & eleven green buds are blooming. If I let go of them as soon as I thought they’re not my favorite, id have missed a different kind of beauty and sensuality they’ve aroused within. And while nothing really lasts, these aren’t here to last either. But they’ll have shared their beauty & more so, lived to meet their purpose! 

Why do I say so?

Well, if I were a Lily, orchid, rose,  a tulip or whatever else I could be, Id want to be gently plucked,  and hanged over in symbolism of compassion, patience, purity, and beauty. Even a smile would be enough…maybe the hug that follows a bouquet would be as well!

Give more chances, teach your soul this!
Yours truly, ­čľĄ

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