I did not know where I was going but I got here,

I still do not know where I’m going but I’m on the way,

I previously picked a destination but that took away the excitement, the thrill & the fun of finding new unknown places & treasures,

I stopped focusing on that one destination & decided to enjoy the journey,

Oohh it’s full of frustrations, excitement, pleasure, disappointment, doubt, confusion, beauty, wonder, fantasy, experiences, thrill, spontaneity,.. You name it. But all these don’t last long,

Before you decide to judge, the fact is,

Im here and on my way to somewhere unknown, it’s unknown because I’m not there yet,

I allow the women in me to live, refuse to settle for just good if better is possible,

and if good stopped being good, then these women know they get to do this life only once & so they stop accepting what they shouldn’t,

I learned to never be a victim, it makes me feel weak,

I never sit to convince myself to accept what I shouldn’t,

I learned to never let anyone decide if ill be happy or unhappy, and this is the challenge,


Im on the way to to somewhere unknown; who knows the future anyway?

Today, like any other day, I remind myself that I’m allowed to change my mind any day, any time, any minute, if I believe that’s the way I should take,

The simple life that I live has to have meaning to me,

Every morning I remind myself allowing another to influence who I am, what i do, what I love, what I hate, is handing over myself & being to them & telling them, “here, live for me, I am inadequate to do so for myself ”

That’s not who I am!

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