A love like this,

I sit here and wonder,

How could I not have imagined a love like this?

Even before I met you, I knew I’d love you like no other,

I look at you my angel and thank the heavens,

My heart and soul you complete,

Fruit of my womb,

Holding you in my arms reassures me,

I know if I’ve been wrong on everything,

You’re the one undeniable true right and light that shines in my soul,

Your cries, coos, grunts, smiles,

How could i have imagined they’d fill my soul!?

Sleepless nights there be,

Early mornings, late nights,

Any time of our existence,

Rest assured you’re my one true right!

My love for you will eternally be unconditional.

Holding you in my arms reminds me to thank Him for you!